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Propping my head up

I gaze outside the window

into the gray, barren land

full of corruption and shadow

Eyes rolling upwards

I admire the sensation

Purity dousing the sinful land

Our saving salvation

Eyelashes tickling my cheeks

I succumb to the darkness

Into the comforting, welcoming arms

Of oblivion’s conscious

Mind free of the chains

Wings sprout onto my shoulders

Soaring far past the horizon

Letting go of my tiring composure

My face breaks into a huge grin

Eyes sparkling like crescents

I breathe in the fresh, purified air

Drinking in the moon’s luminescence

Who cares about school?

Who cares about A’s?

Who cares about family issues?

Who cares about that raise?

Free of these quanderies

I soar high in the sky

Able to do what I want to do

So free that I’m able to cry

Relieved tears dripping down

I lift my head

towards the breaking clouds

My arms widespread


My hands stretch towards the sun…

Nearly there…

My eyes snap open.

I’m still at the same window

It is still raining

I am still looking at the same corrupt land





Chapter Two

NOTE: The Prologue and Chapter 1 can be found on my blog as a separate page.

Chapter Two

“Cassia!” a melodic voice called out.

I turned around. “Rose!”

The petite girl walking towards me had an awkward, bumbling stride. But she was beautiful all the same. With a heart shaped face, fair skin and silky raven-black hair trailing past her hips, she was more gorgeous than all the students at the Elemental Academy combined. With a huge grin on her face, showcasing her perfectly even, blindingly white teeth, she bounced in front of me. However, after seeing my face, her huge hazel eyes became clouded with worry.

“Cassia, what’s wrong?”

I sighed, running my hand through my hair. “Nothing. It’s just my father again.”

Rose peered at me anxiously. “You know, he really shouldn’t push you so hard… It’s not fair for you.”

I looked at her, surprised. My soft-spoken, timid best friend would never contradict the head of Clans like this normally. Knowing that she worried for me warmed my heart. With a slight smile, I replied, “It can’t be helped. I have to beat the Raindrop Clan. This is what I’ve been training for my whole life.”

“The competition?”

“Yeah. I have to win.”

“… But, Cassia—“

“No, Rose.” I turned to face her, voice loud, my eyes flashing with a hard expression. “I have to win.”

Rose’s face crumpled and her small shoulders sagged. “Okay”, she whispered softly, looking down at the ground. I immediately felt like a load of hot coals should have hit me on the head.

“I’m sorry, Rose. I didn’t mean to… snap at you like that.” I put a hand on her small shoulder. I had almost forgotten what Rose went through just a few years ago.

It was another typical day in my 13th summer, with the sun beating down mercilessly onto my shoulders.

Breathing heavily, with heat radiating from my body and sweat streaming down my tanned face, I leaned on a tree trunk for support. “Father, please. May I go into the forest for some meditation?” I was just desperate for a break. My father’s broad shoulders stiffened as he turned around. He was still as handsome as he was in his youth, only with a few lines in his face and streaks of silver in his hair. With his thick eyebrows and beard, cuttingly sharp amber eyes, face permanently set in a frown, and muscles bulging, he looked like the Fire God reincarnated. I flinched, as he used those all-knowing eyes in order to scan my face.  Giving a mighty sigh, he turned back around and motioned for me to go.

Relieved, I staggered onto my feet and began to walk towards the forest. When I was just out of hearing range of my father, I veered off-course onto the path towards the town center.  I fingered the coins that I kept in my pocket, thinking happily of the ice-cream that I would buy for myself. Humming, I walked past stores and merchants on the street. “I’ll take the shortcut”, I decided, not wanting to make my father suspicious of how long I was gone. Entering the dark, narrow alleyway, I heard distant laughter… and crying? My heart was suddenly plagued with a terrible weight as realization slowly dawned on me. My footsteps quickened, along with my heartbeat, as I ran towards the source of the noise. I came into an open space surrounded with stone. There were four people: A girl around my age, sobbing with her face in her hands on the ground, two boys laughing hysterically and pointing at the source of the ruckus: An older boy with a flaming bunny doll in his hand. Quickly, I assessed the situation. Even then, my mind was trained to analyze. I realized that the doll must be the girl’s possession and the boys were destroying it.

“Please…. Please give me Willy back…”, the girl whispered softly, lips quivering in fear, hiccupping as her tears choked her.

“Shut up!”, the older boy barked as he looked down on her. Immediately, the girl shut up.

Something flared inside of me. Although I was damaged and injured from my training, my muscles began to coil and I could feel the earth calling to me, the fire just at the tip of my fingers, waiting to be called upon. With swift steps, I walked towards the older boy with my fists held at my sides. Hearing the footsteps, he turned around.

“What do you wa—“

I grabbed his head with a vice grip, cutting off the rest of his words. Slowly, I let the fire build up inside of me.

“I-It’s hot! Stop it!” His arms flailed at his sides trying to gain a grip on me, but I avoided them with ease. My fingers glowed softly as the temperature increased. I glanced over at his two minions who were now looking at me with fear, while the girl looked up from her hands, confused at the turn of events.

“Return the doll.”, I said sweetly, tightening my grip. “Now.”

Yelping, the older boy let go of the bunny doll, extinguishing the fire. I immediately let go. With a horrified look on his face, the older boy fled as his minions quickly followed. Carefully picking up the charred remains of the former Willy the bunny, I held it out to the girl.

“Are you okay?”

She flinched. My loud voice must have surprised her. This time, with a softer voice, I asked, “Are you feeling okay?”

Looking up at me with huge hazel eyes, brimming with shining, unshed tears, she sniffled. “Yes.”

I smiled, helping her up. After dusting her off and examining the burnt doll, I fingered the coins in my pocket. Resolving my mind, my lips curved up in a slight smile.

“Let’s go get you a new doll.”

Ever since then, Rose and I were best friends. She became more confident in herself, standing by my side. However, when someone’s voice became loud and too assertive, she would always shut down, allowing herself to get walked over.

Feeling bad, I plastered a smile on my face. Linking my arms with hers, I flashed a grin at her.

“Hurry up or we’ll both be late, Rose!”

Rose looked up at me with a tentative smile. “Okay.”

Shaking myself out of the memories of my first meeting with Rose, I climbed up the steps towards the Elemental Academy. The daunting, impressive metal gate decorated with floral designs twisting up the sides of the rails greeted Rose and me as we reached the top of the stone stairs. In the middle of the gate was a huge lock in the shape of a tree; The lock that could only be opened by the Head of Clan’s key. The key that would soon be in my possession after I win the tournament. However, the gate was open now, so Rose and I entered smoothly. See, the Elemental Academy is separated into two… factions, you could say. One faction is the Phoenix clan and the other faction is the Raindrop clan. Although we all take the same classes, we are separated socially and mentally. It’s taboo for a Phoenix member to be caught with a Raindrop member or vice versa. Not that that would happen. As I walked into the marble hallways, I could immediately see the different groups.

The Phoenix clan was characterized by their warm color choices in hair, eyes, and clothes. They were a sea of red, orange, and yellow that had a fiery glow around them. On the other hand, the Raindrop clan was known for their cool color choices; they had waves of students wearing green, blue, and purple. They are more often calm and collected, instead of passionate and hot-tempered like us Phoenixes. Naturally, the Phoenix faction was led by me, Cassia Evermore, while the Raindrop faction was led by Skye Watering.


“Hey, what’s going on?”


“Cassia, how are you?”

I smiled, basking in the warmth of friendship my fellow clan members showered upon me. They were my comrades, my allies since birth. I stretched, feeling completely at ease and finally at peace from the chaos of my home. Still smiling, I caught something move in the corner of my eye.

There was Skye.

As usual, he was in the center of a circle of Raindrop Clan members. Cool, calm, and collected, he leaned against a wooden door of a classroom nonchalantly. His tall, lean frame sloped gracefully towards the wall as his careful fingers brushed aside a lock of golden hair. His hair was full and bright, silky and smooth as the individual strands glistened in the fluorescent lights. As he talked and laughed, flashing those perfectly even teeth, his golden eyes, so rich in depth and texture with speckles of shades of yellow, sparkled with mischief and joy. His deep, baritone voice was easily separated from the hall of voices because of its unusual clarity and ring.

Grudgingly, I had to accept that he was a good leader. More than anyone, Skye was the calm and collected leader who managed to organize everyone together in a quiet fashion and get things running smoothly. He had an aura of self-confidence about him that made the clan members of Raindrop gravitate around him.

“CRASHING THROUGH!” a clear voice rang through the hallways. I quickly diverted my eyes toward the cause of the commotion. My ears picked up the roar of a wave at sea. But… how could that be possible? Soon, I could make out a Raindrop clan boy sliding through the door on his own magic-made wave straight towards me.

“Cassia!” Rose cried, hands stretching towards me. But it was too late. She was too slow. There was no way anything could reach me by the time the wave crashed over me.

My legs froze while all my instincts screamed at me to run away. As he got closer and closer, the young boy on the wave’s sapphire eyes widened in surprise as he recognized who I was. His handsome face contorted in pain in the attempts of stopping the wave before it could get to me. But the wave was crashing closer, and closer… I squeezed my eyes shut, preparing for the worst.



Something warm and big pressed over me as the wave crashed over my head. Somehow, it managed to cover all of me, keeping my clothes wonderfully dry. Somehow, I felt safe and protected in this embrace. Like no matter what came at me in the future, I could face it just with this warmness inside my chest. A feeling I had yearned for so long. Keeping one eyes closed, I looked up and saw a pair of shining, golden eyes staring at me through his now, thoroughly wet, blonde bangs. His mouth was curved in a slight smile as he looked into my widened, amber eyes.

“Careful, princess. You might need to touch up on your reflexes before the big competition.”

My feathers bristled at his comment and old raging temper flaring up again, I pushed him off me roughly.

“Thanks, Skye. But I could have handled that on my own.” I growled, glaring intensely into those teasing eyes.

“Sure, Cassia. As long as you’re okay.” Skye replied with his usual calm voice, with a hint of amusement in his crinkled eyes and curving mouth. Turning around, he addressed the raven black haired boy that was on the wave.

Exasperated, Skye scolded him. “Noah… You know you shouldn’t be riding your waves to school, nor should you be conjuring any magic during school hours.”

With a healthy tan, silky black locks that were just a bit too long, arrogant, yet playful sapphire blue eyes, and handsome face features, the boy that was on the wave looked up from the ground.

“Sorry, buddy. But I couldn’t resist! That wave was awesome!” Noah grinned, replying carelessly.

Skye, shaking his head but laughing quietly, held out his hand to Noah. Noah grasped his hand firmly and pulled himself up. Turning around, Skye focused his attention on someone next to me.

“Rose, were you hit at all by the wave?” Skye asked, sincerely. His hands found Rose’s, as his worried golden eyes scanned Rose’s body for any signs of wetness. Bewildered, Rose gently shook out of his hold.

“I’m fine, thanks to you Skye.” Rose replied shyly, a hint of a blush creeping up on her cheeks, looking up between her suddenly annoying long lashes.

Shocked at Rose’s blush, I pulled Rose by her arm back to my side, staring hard at Skye who didn’t seem to notice because he was still staring at Rose. There was no way I would let my innocent Rose become acquainted with Skye, the devil in disguise. He was the enemy. He was my rival. If he tried to take Rose, I would not go easy on him.

A group of Noah’s fan girls surrounded him as he began to brush himself off. Sauntering confidently towards me, he said, “I’m sorry about just now, Cassia. I guess my magic was just too powerful.” He flashed a grin.

“Maybe you should learn to control it better then.” I replied frostily, narrowing my eyes at him. My eyes hardened into amber shards as they cut into his falling face.

“Let’s go, Rose.” I pulled Rose along with me away from the Raindrop clan.

Nothing good would come from hanging around that crowd.

To forgive or not to forgive…

To forgive, or not to forgive…

Just a normal day

logging onto your account

Your precious buddies

So few,  you can count

But one day, one word

starts a conversation wrong

then you start to wonder if

this person is who he was all along

One by one, the jabs pile up

into a towering mountain of insults

laying heavy on my chest

Mental hits and assaults

To forgive, or not to forgive…

Just when I think I cannot take this,

cannot tolerate it anymore,

“Just kidding, of course

I didn’t mean it” he swore

So, I let it go, like I always do

and move on with an “It’s okay”

Things go well for a while

Until …  dismay

He starts up with the insults

cutting deep into my heart

But I wave it off once more

To respond angrily wouldn’t be smart

To forgive, or not to forgive…

Hearing my silence

he talks to me in an insolent tone

Looking down on me as he calls me

all the insults that man has known

To forgive or not to forgive…

I explode out in anger

My anger at the brim

Venomous words are spat

Completely,  I start to ignore him

He finally expresses remorse

Sadness for his sin

First, he messages me his deepest apologies

then calls my name out, much to my chagrine

To forgive, or not to forgive…

He sends me a picture of his saddest face

A heart emoticon and a Skype call

“I’m so sorry… -Love, Ryan”

I reject his call and scoff at his gall

To forgive or not to forgive…

Guilt creeping up on me like

flames licking onto green trees

I consult my friend, she says

to ignore him even if he gets on his knees

To forgive or not to forgive…

I think I went overboard today…

Will you please forgive me?

My feelings are still hurt

My heart still locked with a key…

To forgive or not to forgive…

Winter Break Updates

Hello! Wow, during the few days I was gone, there were so many things that piled up. First of all, Happy New Years! I wish all of you a happy and productive 2013. So, here’s some updates on what went down this past week.

1) I WENT SKIING!! ♥♥♥ Wow, I haven’t gone skiing since….. maybe about 3rd grade? I must say, it felt wonderful to feel the cold air whip across my face and make my hair blow in the wind. Living in a place where it’s constantly hot and dry, it was a refreshing change of pace to be up in the mountains. I loved it especially because I got to be there with my entire family. My dad skipped work to take us on vacation and I’m so thankful for him ♥ I also got to bond with my older brother more, which is fantastic since he’s going back to college soon 😦 Not only did I see snow for the first time in a little less than 10 years, I saw it FALLING. FROM. THE. SKY. Phew. It was like a fantasy novel moment. Well, not really. It was pretty at first and amazing to watch, because guess what. There were SNOWFLAKES. Not just snow dropping, but actual honest-to-goodness SNOWFLAKES. Okay. Phew. Just had to get the point across. It was AMAZING. Especially the fact that it wasn’t man-made snow. 🙂 Anyways, it seems I’m the best skier in the family, even though I’m not particularly athletic. It’s more like, the rest of my family is VERY nonathletic. Skiing down the hills with my poles in my hand, wind whipping my hair in every direction, ice-cold air caressing the vulnerable spots on my face and neck, heavenly snowflakes drifting from the clouds, seeing my mother and father waiting for me at the bottom, looking to my side and watching my brother give me a wave as he starts skiing to the bottom…. I’m very blessed.

2) Met some amazing friends over winter break: Ryan Park and Lance Sage. I think I’ve gotten closer to them than I have gotten with some of my friends at school. They both don’t live close to me, rather, a few states away (Massachusetts to be exact). But, I’ve spent more time with them just talking on Skype than any other people before. The days pass by so quickly with them there and my winter break was brightened up through the clouds and rain with their sunny personalities. 😀 It’s great to know people similar to me, even if they are far apart physically.

3) DOG. Met the most adorable puppy at the hotel I was in during my skiing trip. The dog went through a couple of surgeries, but it was still hobbling around and greeting the guests of the hotel with its cute bark. The dog literally went all around the hotel, just walking around and stopping for people to pet it. ADORABLE.

4) The New Years tradition I have with my family. Staying up until midnight together, popping a glass of apple cider, sharing our New Years resolutions with each other, and eating goodies and chips until the morning. 🙂 I actually spent the New Years with Ryan and Lance as well.

Alright, that’s it! I hope you all have a wonderful 2013! ♥

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