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This is My Life

This particular piece I wrote is about my situation with my older brother. He is amazingly intellectual and very successful. He’s studying in the medical field in one of the top colleges in the nation: Berkeley. This poem expresses how I feel sometimes about parents not realizing the pain that their child feels when compared with their sibling. Hopefully, I will be able to touch many of your hearts or spark a feeling of understanding in my fellow younger siblings out there.

A baby is born

The adults scream in delight

They wonder of his future

As he runs to the light

He grows up with care

Constant love that’s undying

The support gives him wings

To the future he’s flying

He runs home

With papers in his hands

Awards and certificates

He has millions of fans

Then the next baby comes by

The adults expect more

Instead of screaming and cheering

They don’t care anymore

She comes home

With her first A

She expects praise and love

But their faces are gray

The expectations

They pile as high as Mount Everest

She must be better



But no

She finally decided

Realization came and

Now she knows her life’s misguided

So she unlocked the door

Of oppression and greed

And entered a life

Where she herself could succeed

Now she looks in the mirror

And sees her reflection

As a proud young girl

Confident of her perfection

I will be who I am

The one I want to be

I will not follow his footsteps

I will find freedom’s key

I approached hesitantly

Stopping before the door

Unlocking it to greatness

I saw life’s wonders and more

This is my life

And I’m lovin’ it (McDonald’s theme song cue)



Just something I randomly wrote in my notebook when I was in history class. ^_^

God’s breath of fresh air

envelopes me with his warm hands

The gentle swaying

and rustling

and chirping

are the only things filling my mind now

Eyelids fluttering

life bursting with colors around

My mind is in a deep slumber

However, its eyes have now been opened

Materiality and greed are no more

Corruption diffusing slowly out of me

The purity and clean soul

Only ones left behind

Thoughts of the meaning of life

Seconds ticking by

The disappearance of life

As well as the appearance of newfound memories

Day breaks out.


Propping my head up

I gaze outside the window

into the gray, barren land

full of corruption and shadow

Eyes rolling upwards

I admire the sensation

Purity dousing the sinful land

Our saving salvation

Eyelashes tickling my cheeks

I succumb to the darkness

Into the comforting, welcoming arms

Of oblivion’s conscious

Mind free of the chains

Wings sprout onto my shoulders

Soaring far past the horizon

Letting go of my tiring composure

My face breaks into a huge grin

Eyes sparkling like crescents

I breathe in the fresh, purified air

Drinking in the moon’s luminescence

Who cares about school?

Who cares about A’s?

Who cares about family issues?

Who cares about that raise?

Free of these quanderies

I soar high in the sky

Able to do what I want to do

So free that I’m able to cry

Relieved tears dripping down

I lift my head

towards the breaking clouds

My arms widespread


My hands stretch towards the sun…

Nearly there…

My eyes snap open.

I’m still at the same window

It is still raining

I am still looking at the same corrupt land




To forgive or not to forgive…

To forgive, or not to forgive…

Just a normal day

logging onto your account

Your precious buddies

So few,  you can count

But one day, one word

starts a conversation wrong

then you start to wonder if

this person is who he was all along

One by one, the jabs pile up

into a towering mountain of insults

laying heavy on my chest

Mental hits and assaults

To forgive, or not to forgive…

Just when I think I cannot take this,

cannot tolerate it anymore,

“Just kidding, of course

I didn’t mean it” he swore

So, I let it go, like I always do

and move on with an “It’s okay”

Things go well for a while

Until …  dismay

He starts up with the insults

cutting deep into my heart

But I wave it off once more

To respond angrily wouldn’t be smart

To forgive, or not to forgive…

Hearing my silence

he talks to me in an insolent tone

Looking down on me as he calls me

all the insults that man has known

To forgive or not to forgive…

I explode out in anger

My anger at the brim

Venomous words are spat

Completely,  I start to ignore him

He finally expresses remorse

Sadness for his sin

First, he messages me his deepest apologies

then calls my name out, much to my chagrine

To forgive, or not to forgive…

He sends me a picture of his saddest face

A heart emoticon and a Skype call

“I’m so sorry… -Love, Ryan”

I reject his call and scoff at his gall

To forgive or not to forgive…

Guilt creeping up on me like

flames licking onto green trees

I consult my friend, she says

to ignore him even if he gets on his knees

To forgive or not to forgive…

I think I went overboard today…

Will you please forgive me?

My feelings are still hurt

My heart still locked with a key…

To forgive or not to forgive…

These Hateful Hands and its Hateful Heart

These Hateful Hands and its Hateful Heart

A galaxy of thoughts

Rushing through my head

As my trembling hands

Sought what was ahead

It was always right there

So close yet so Far

That impossible motion

To change My into Our

Like two cars colliding

Our threads of fate entwined

The beautiful doves meeting

The stars had aligned

A flower unfurling

Its petals One by One

You showed me the world

Then it came all undone

You stole my shoelaces

Do you know how I felt?

You traveled farther ahead

Leaving me here to melt

I melted, I melted


The pressure

The heartache

The expectations

The dream once deferred

What is my life?!

The pendulum had suspended

Exiting my being

My heartbeat now broken

I find myself fleeing

Fleeing from

The trouble

The corruption

My heart’s double

You call me a coward

What else am I to do?

I stare down

At my hands

These hateful hands

The ones that held yours

The ones that sought you

The ones that gave up

The ones that knew

Knew my true heart

Knew my soul’s crying

Knew my refusal

To keep on My trying

These hateful hands

This hateful heart

My body is a puppet

Bending apart

The only ones truthful

Are my hands and its heart

My eyes refuse to stare

My legs do not budge

My mouth does not speak

My brain still holds a grudge

His leaving silhouette

His back that’s still Proud

My hands stretch out towards him

Is my racing heart allowed?

The marionette that I am

I just watch him go

The pain is so cutting

So agonizing and slow

My body convulses

As my sobs overtake me

The only truthful part of my body

Still stretching

Why do they still move?

Why have we grown apart?

These hateful hands

And its hateful heart

The Beauty of the World

 “Beauty of the World”

Splashes of pastel on the canvas of the world

Signs of life peeping out after the ice age

One little hope of a future, a family, a soul

Mother stretches her arms to grow all at once

Her one diminutive sprout braving the course

Nevertheless that sprout holds so much power, it Leads

And guides and inspires and blazes the trail

Leaving the way to success or to fail

Color slithers into our gray tipped world

With worldly whites trekking to pasty purples

All the hues of the infinite rainbow

Sound is returned to our senses, with the

Chirps and the tweets and the buzzing

That unsullied gust stealing your breath away

Transforms into a soothing, warm caress burned into memory’s kiss

But what comes with the gales of the universe is lethal to others

Through the pain and your shining crescent moon eyes

The world is mapped out and brought to life

So Look past the red rimmed and see

The Beauty of the World coming to life.