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You Don’t Know

Coming home and seeing a messy room, I knew that it was about time to finally clean it. After all, a fresh school year = a fresh room… Right? So, I was looking through my old documents and I came across the journal I had a few years back. Turns out, I wrote lyrics to a song I made up. This is from January 12, 2011 (just the rap, HAHA):

I know I gotta get this right off all my chest

I know by saying this, I might be a total pest

But you gotta understand

You gotta know


That before I sleep I will myself

To have you in my dreams

That to me being with you

Is better than sweets or creams

That I memorize the tune

Your digits make on my phone

That to me you are a savior

Just like Arc de Joan


You don’t know

that I write songs about you

Day after Day

Don’t know that I write texts to you

Anxious if they are okay

That your face your smile your words

refuse to exit my mind

That I find myself doodling hearts

with your  name next to mine


You don’t know.

And you never will.


Cheesy, yes? Oh, memories… 🙂