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Rainbow in your Life

Rainbow in your Life

“Everyone wants happiness,
no one wants pain,
but you can’t make a rainbow
without a little rain.”
― Unknown

Original photo taken by the brother in a canyon on the way to Las Vegas.



Propping my head up

I gaze outside the window

into the gray, barren land

full of corruption and shadow

Eyes rolling upwards

I admire the sensation

Purity dousing the sinful land

Our saving salvation

Eyelashes tickling my cheeks

I succumb to the darkness

Into the comforting, welcoming arms

Of oblivion’s conscious

Mind free of the chains

Wings sprout onto my shoulders

Soaring far past the horizon

Letting go of my tiring composure

My face breaks into a huge grin

Eyes sparkling like crescents

I breathe in the fresh, purified air

Drinking in the moon’s luminescence

Who cares about school?

Who cares about A’s?

Who cares about family issues?

Who cares about that raise?

Free of these quanderies

I soar high in the sky

Able to do what I want to do

So free that I’m able to cry

Relieved tears dripping down

I lift my head

towards the breaking clouds

My arms widespread


My hands stretch towards the sun…

Nearly there…

My eyes snap open.

I’m still at the same window

It is still raining

I am still looking at the same corrupt land