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Rainbow in your Life

Rainbow in your Life

“Everyone wants happiness,
no one wants pain,
but you can’t make a rainbow
without a little rain.”
― Unknown

Original photo taken by the brother in a canyon on the way to Las Vegas.


This is My Life

This particular piece I wrote is about my situation with my older brother. He is amazingly intellectual and very successful. He’s studying in the medical field in one of the top colleges in the nation: Berkeley. This poem expresses how I feel sometimes about parents not realizing the pain that their child feels when compared with their sibling. Hopefully, I will be able to touch many of your hearts or spark a feeling of understanding in my fellow younger siblings out there.

A baby is born

The adults scream in delight

They wonder of his future

As he runs to the light

He grows up with care

Constant love that’s undying

The support gives him wings

To the future he’s flying

He runs home

With papers in his hands

Awards and certificates

He has millions of fans

Then the next baby comes by

The adults expect more

Instead of screaming and cheering

They don’t care anymore

She comes home

With her first A

She expects praise and love

But their faces are gray

The expectations

They pile as high as Mount Everest

She must be better



But no

She finally decided

Realization came and

Now she knows her life’s misguided

So she unlocked the door

Of oppression and greed

And entered a life

Where she herself could succeed

Now she looks in the mirror

And sees her reflection

As a proud young girl

Confident of her perfection

I will be who I am

The one I want to be

I will not follow his footsteps

I will find freedom’s key

I approached hesitantly

Stopping before the door

Unlocking it to greatness

I saw life’s wonders and more

This is my life

And I’m lovin’ it (McDonald’s theme song cue)


* I don’t know where this is from, but I believe it was from a story that I read online. I just thought that this passage was incredibly powerful with amazing uses of imagery and wanted to share it with all of you. 🙂

Sweet temptation beckoning me with its allure

Golden droplets of honey-coated words

The frosty steel shackles broken through with

Love’s sweet hammer of Justice