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Fall Fashion

Fall is definitely making its entrance as the days get shorter and the nights get longer. In California, there’s a visible difference as every morning when I wake up at 6:00 am to get ready for school, I blearily check my phone a few times to make sure it really is 6:00 am and not the middle of the night. If I had to choose a favorite season, I would definitely choose fall! I love windy weather, baggy sweaters, soft scarves that hug your neck all day, and the warm and toasty home cuisine that you get to experience every year, so I’ll definitely be making a few more posts about AUTUMN, the best season of the year, very soon!

One key difference that one can spot during Fall is definitely…………. drum roll……………….. (you probably already guessed by the title of the post)………………….. FASHION!

Now, I’m not a TRUE fashionista, the ones that wake up hours earlier than they have to to pick out their outfits for the day, but I enjoy fashion and keeping up with the latest trends. Here are the fall colors that I absolutely adore!


1, Emerald green


Emerald somehow gives a bright pop to the chilly fall weather, and makes you stand out on a dreary day! The color is just so rich and full that it completes an outfit whether it be just an accessory or a belt. It’s refreshing and gives you a “cool look”.

2. Poop brown. Just kidding! … Chocolate brown. 😉


Definitely my favorite color of the season, hands down. Brown is such a comfortable color that gives you a wonderfully “scruffy” look. Wait. Maybe that’s the wrong word. Either way, when you wake up everyday at 6:00 am and fumble around the dark room for something to wear, your hand will automatically go towards the fluffiest, warmest, most comfortable article of clothing you can find on the dresser, and that piece of clothing will almost always be in the color brown for me. Whether it be those chic brown combat boots, that sleek brown bag, the intricate brown belt, or that delightfully baggy brown sweater, brown is the way to go for the chilly Fall weather!

3. Maroon


Okay, maybe I lied earlier. Maroon………. ♥_♥ Such a wondrous color. It’s so hard to choose! Maroon is a dark color, but with a splash of color to brighten up a look. Did that make sense? Sometimes magical things just can’t be described. It always makes me think of Hogwarts and maroon scarves. Team Gryffindor! But anyways, maroon is a great color to have, especially in skinny jeans. If you’re feeling lazy and decide to put on an old t-shirt, maroon skinny jeans always instantly make the outfit more sleek and polished. Maroon boots are amazing as well. It gives a warm look to complement the rest of your outfit, regardless of what color you’re wearing.

4. Mustard yellow


And of course, here comes the yellow! Yellow is my overall favorite color! Maybe not specifically for the fall, but it’s a great color on an outfit, regardless. Its nice and sunny appearance gives a splash of brightness to an outfit and makes you stand out from other people. Not to mention, it’s the color of rain coats as well, which is perfect for the Fall!


HerCampus Ambassadors!

HerCampus Ambassadors!

Video chatting with an extraordinary group of ladies from all across the nation (even in Canada!) that share the same passions as I do for writing and journalism. Feeling blessed and happy to have talked to them and to have found out all of our similar interests. ♥ Let’s make this a great year as Ambassadors, ladies!

You Don’t Know

Coming home and seeing a messy room, I knew that it was about time to finally clean it. After all, a fresh school year = a fresh room… Right? So, I was looking through my old documents and I came across the journal I had a few years back. Turns out, I wrote lyrics to a song I made up. This is from January 12, 2011 (just the rap, HAHA):

I know I gotta get this right off all my chest

I know by saying this, I might be a total pest

But you gotta understand

You gotta know


That before I sleep I will myself

To have you in my dreams

That to me being with you

Is better than sweets or creams

That I memorize the tune

Your digits make on my phone

That to me you are a savior

Just like Arc de Joan


You don’t know

that I write songs about you

Day after Day

Don’t know that I write texts to you

Anxious if they are okay

That your face your smile your words

refuse to exit my mind

That I find myself doodling hearts

with your  name next to mine


You don’t know.

And you never will.


Cheesy, yes? Oh, memories… 🙂

So Still

Two golden, iridescent globes
Flames shining through the dusk with

Innocent hands tarnished, sinking spirit
Blood red petals blossom on the angelic curtain

Lost but not found; Bewildered but determined;
Steel spirit resolved, iron armor donned
The lonely phantom glides with purpose
Over city lights and Fallen bodies

Reaching its first destination
Lowering its hood, defenses down
Once flaming globes doused with spilling streams
It enters.

Two frail bodies splayed on the bed
Dreaming in peaceful oblivion
It stretches down to smooth the creases
Whispered apologies, heart-filled thanks

Their spirits at peace
The phantom rises, sweeping mystery
Heart-crushing farewell
Only place to go is forward

The sand envelopes its knees.

Arriving at its second destination
It watches through the looking glass
He paces in obvious distress; Indecision
Handsome features twisted in anguish

The phantom pauses; Heart wavering
Hands stretched out in longing
Eyes riddled with regret, rain threatening to fall
From the sinister storm and clouding spirits

Memories flash by, a miasma of emotions
Shot with an arrow delivered by Cupid’s quiver
The phantom turns, shoulders weighed with regrets
It was never meant to be.

The sand gathers at its waist.

Time running out, the third destination
It enters.
The figure lies in comfort, disoriented limbs
Crinkled covers in disarray

Glass mask shattered, curving lips
Taken aback into their glowing youth
Inseparable, bright pearls released from its clams
Peas in a pod, awaiting glorious retribution

Released from the shackles of the past
The phantom glances back in compunction
“Thank you.”
No time for the past, the future is rushing by too quickly.

The sand swallows her heart.

Exhausted, the hero returns home
Heart plagued by

Sunrise; the dusk flees into the shadows plotting escape
With it, the hero’s earthly whims are carried away
Breath knocked out, heart come to a standstill
The Grim Reaper awaits.

Unwavering, the hero meets the beckoning, skeletal hand
Embracing death’s kiss, she leaves the light.
Abandoned pen, empty inkwells
Every story has an ending.

Flames extinguished, the stand is still.

So still.