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Thoughts on Writing

Thoughts on Writing

By Maya Angelou.


These Hateful Hands and its Hateful Heart

These Hateful Hands and its Hateful Heart

A galaxy of thoughts

Rushing through my head

As my trembling hands

Sought what was ahead

It was always right there

So close yet so Far

That impossible motion

To change My into Our

Like two cars colliding

Our threads of fate entwined

The beautiful doves meeting

The stars had aligned

A flower unfurling

Its petals One by One

You showed me the world

Then it came all undone

You stole my shoelaces

Do you know how I felt?

You traveled farther ahead

Leaving me here to melt

I melted, I melted


The pressure

The heartache

The expectations

The dream once deferred

What is my life?!

The pendulum had suspended

Exiting my being

My heartbeat now broken

I find myself fleeing

Fleeing from

The trouble

The corruption

My heart’s double

You call me a coward

What else am I to do?

I stare down

At my hands

These hateful hands

The ones that held yours

The ones that sought you

The ones that gave up

The ones that knew

Knew my true heart

Knew my soul’s crying

Knew my refusal

To keep on My trying

These hateful hands

This hateful heart

My body is a puppet

Bending apart

The only ones truthful

Are my hands and its heart

My eyes refuse to stare

My legs do not budge

My mouth does not speak

My brain still holds a grudge

His leaving silhouette

His back that’s still Proud

My hands stretch out towards him

Is my racing heart allowed?

The marionette that I am

I just watch him go

The pain is so cutting

So agonizing and slow

My body convulses

As my sobs overtake me

The only truthful part of my body

Still stretching

Why do they still move?

Why have we grown apart?

These hateful hands

And its hateful heart